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FOX Sports to air series on Softball! 

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Softball 360º ASA teams up with Easton , Hooters and John Daniels to launch Softball TV Series.  For baseball fans, it’s ‘This Week in Baseball.’ For basketball fans, it’s ‘NBA Inside Stuff.’  And now for softball fans, it’s ‘Softball 360º.’

The show is completely dedicated to a sport that millions of Americans participate in every year. Set to air on Monday’s at 3:30 p.m. starting July 5, 2004 on local Fox Sports affiliates (be sure to check local listings for the time in your market), the series will bring fans of softball from every angle.

For 18 consecutive weeks, the 30 minute segment will touch on everything from slow pitch and fast pitch to regional tournaments and the Olympic Games.


The Colorado Altitude Charities to support local youth softball programs